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Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
One of my friends asked me ‘ You are late today ‘. I replied to him ‘ Not at all ‘. I reached the outdoor Stadium where I do my physical exercise there. The atmosphere of the outdoor stadium is very pleasant. We have different groups of people. Children, Young and senior team come for different exercises. Some run, some plays games and some do yoga. It is beyond my imagination that people are not able to use the word Punctuality in the right place. It is applied when students have to reach class. Punctuality is observed in offices and factories. We could be late to catch up on buses, trains, and planes. I agree that punctuality is needed everywhere. But I think that it does not need to apply to one’s hobby. Exercise, singing, composing poems, photography, sightseeing, etc are the hobbies which are giving pleasure to individuals. We can’t confine these personal interests within the perimeter of punctuality. We have got 24 hours every day and have to adjust them accordingly.
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”


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