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Reaction…. !

The White man sitting on the banks of the river ‘Thames’ said to the Black man in a very serious voice, “Black is a symbol of slavery and exploitation. Whereas White, synonymous with freedom and the ruling class! What is your reaction to this?”

Black looked at the blond carefully. Sensing his narrow mood, Black reacted in a calm voice, “On the day that Black rebels, the freedom of Whites will be endangered and Black will learn to govern himself.”

“How?” The dissatisfied White asked the answer. His levity was clearly visible in his laughter.

“Look,” with his finger, Black made another gesture, “He is seeing a White colored Dog in front of you!”

“Yes, I am looking.” The blond said anxiously.

“Consider him White man,” Black said with a cool laugh.

“Okay,” the blonde was now confused.

“As long as Dog is quiet, we are tolerating Him. As soon as He starts barking at us or wants to bite us, we will tear his head off,” said Black, looking towards the blond with a vision of being eaten. Meanwhile, after some silence, Black said again, “Then there will be two things?”

“What?” Said the blonde in some fearful tone.

“Either he will die! or will run away!” saying so, Black stared at the White, “Do you have anything to ask?”

“No,” the Whiteman said fearfully and understood his goodness to get up from there.


(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “Pratikriya”
English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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