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Problematic Mithila and Diplomatic Maithil

Problematic Mithila and Diplomatic Maithil.

So many diplomates are drametic representative of Mithila.They all will be executive in all mithila think tank and festivals. They are pramoting caste based discriminations and award in maithili litrature or another field of mithila maithili.
Some diplomates of Mithila are demanding Mithila state for self progress like that Jagarnath mishra Govt. sanskrit school. Only Paag is not identity of hole mithila, but they always show its in photo session anywhere and diplomatically advertising every time by some organiser.
Those never try to socio-economic developement of mithila.always judge everyone on behalf of caste title, but not on based of real work. Only two castes Brahmin and kayastha are maithil people, but another all caste of mithila are non-maithil from anicient times. But Paag(Turben) have athorised in postal stamp by presser politics by diplomate maithil.

© Dr. Kishan Karigar.
(Assist. Professor)

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