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Premonition is the foresight of happening before hand and it’s incidence is of flash devoid of preconception / premeditation.
Premonition is the extra sensory perception in any living being gifted by nature and it’s origin source is still unknown and debatable.
In common speaking it is also termed as sixth sense , which is inherent and not acquired from external source and never expertised through practice .
This quality is observed in animals also , who tend to behave indifferently before onslaught of any danger/ calamity sensing through their sixth sense provided by nature .
In domesticated animals like dogs, horse , cat ,cows ,,fish , and bird like parrot , pigeon, quill , geese , owl , hawk and eagle this sense is observed over a period of time .
In human beings there are certain individuals who have been gifted by this supernatural power irrespective of their experience , social status, educational or religious background . These individuals also do not know how and why this foresight happen as a flash in their mind without any preconceived thought of future happenings .
In this context it is worth mentioning that gravity of such future episode is true to the reality without any quantum of addition / interpretation .
But there are some individuals who in guise of such powers ; often mislead the people for their ulterior motives and benefits.
Therefore true identification of individuals with such powers is a tedious task, which have to be arrived after constant watch of their premonition foresight and analyzing on right platform of reasoning and gravity of reality before arriving at any conclusion and taking preventive measures and action on such advise.

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