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Poor Single Heart

Poor single heart, sorrows, thousands in number,
Their impact impart.
No doctors can prescribe any remedy,
Even prayers don’t prove to be beneficial.

None can guess the cause of thy anger,
You appear in dreams but suddenly dart.
Thus falls down my castle sandy,
All efforts to persuade thee prove to be trivial.

Steps which I take you assume a big blunder,
I too admit a little folly on my part,
And a little ego on yours, Buddy !
Now reducing this gap to cipher is crucial.

Now inside my heart’s pious chamber,
Dwells a hermit of very special sort,
Whose only wish for the welfare of humanity,
Nothing for himself social or financial.

God, they say, watches every events that occur,
He is, no doubt, the only Judge of Heaven’s Court.
But I wonder why He adopts serenity,
If cruelty crushes the poor and challenges His potential.


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सम्प्रति: Principal, Government Upper Primary School, Pasgawan Lakhimpur Kheri शिक्षा:- MSc गणित, MA in English, MEd, PG Diploma in Journalism, PG DMIT Achievements: "किन्तु सफर आसान रहेगा" हिंदी काव्य संग्रह…

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