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Pleasure of reading newspapers

Pleasure of reading newspapers

Reading newspaper with a cup of tea always gives immense pleasure. Now a day’s reading newspaper is an integral part of life. One can’t feel day complete without reading newspaper or knowing about the day to day happenings all around the world. Daily newspaper reading keeps a man in touch with the world. As we know that newspaper brings a wide variety of news and information from all around the globe. It keeps one update by giving a healthy touch with events from within the country and all around the globe.
Advancement of technology and world events, newspapers has become very important part of our day to day life. An early bed tea without newspaper; one can’t think of it or we could say that before getting up from the cot; one feels the necessity of looking at the newspaper as it gives the complete ideas of current updates or latest information on all sorts of topics and make aware of what is happening in far places. It provides complete information on entertainment, editorial column, stories, poems plays, articles, book reviews, film reviews, and views on contemporary burning topics of eminent personalities. It also includes columns for movie shows, television programmes and sports events. It also brings socio-cultural events all around the world. It talks about the political, social and economical issues contemporary in the country.
From a school student to a leader, teacher, bank employees, common man, businessman, lawyer, doctor, engineer and ladies etc, all are directly attached with the news. It is the best mode of information as well as entertainment. None can think life without it.
Now a day’s newspaper is valuable for the business world. It’s a best source to attract the customers towards various products through advertisement. This brings together buyers and sellers, employers and workers, public and government, celebrities and fans. It provides matrimonial, notices, situation vacant appear on the pages of a modern newspaper. It also provides information about the jobs lying vacant in the nearby localities and country.
The best part of the newspaper is its cheaper cost. This is the cheapest source of collecting current updates. Newspaper refreshes a man early morning. Newspaper also serves as a mirror of public opinion. People can express their views in letter to the editor column on various issues. People share their joy and sorrows through newspapers by giving simple news with picture. The leaders can convey their messages to the public through newspapers. It’s a best source to create awareness among people on social issues, social evils, drugs, Alcohol, road safety, dowry and many more. Governments can also aware people by their public benefit programmes. It’s a best medium between public and the government. The educative value of newspaper is thus very great. Newspaper must provide truthful and impartial in reporting matters.
The best part of a newspaper is its arrangement of events. First page is meant for national and last page is for international news. It contains pictorial form of information also. Newspaper available in black and white and coloured format both. Colourful newspapers attract the readers much. Some other pages also provide information on particular event.
Last third page meant for sports news likewise other pages also plays a particular role; so that reader may open pages as per his/her choice of information. Stock exchange people read business news more than any other news. People wish to read sports news; they simply go to particular page to read sports news. Newspapers also include information on funniest things going on around the world, animal trivia, records etc.
Today’s newspapers are available almost all the regional languages everywhere in the country besides Hindi and English. Students mainly apply for competitive examinations sincerely to update their current affairs. Students bring news for morning assembly at school by collecting news from newspapers. Newspapers act as bridge for social needs as they provide matrimonial. They bring people close to each other.
Newspapers are also available now a day to provide latest information on current affairs through multimedia resources. Most people sit on internet these days to fulfill all sorts of needs; they visit e-newspapers also which are available on various websites.
Today newspapers are read not only for entertainment. They are read for improving vocabulary, knowing new words, correcting grammatical mistakes, newly emerging words and to improve style of writing by reading additional section s. it also helps in paragraphs writing skill. By reading newspapers one may complete himself/herself in all ways.
One more important factor is its supplementary publication as they come out with literary supplements as Dainik Jagran with its supplement Jhankar and Dainik Bhaskar with its supplement Madhurima which provides stories, poems, inspiring thoughts and many more. They sometimes come out with information on guidance and counseling through Jobs and career as “The Tribune” from Chandigarh publishing every week and Dainik Jagran comes out with “Josh”. They also publishing substitute papers on Indian film industry and about celebrities, newspapers always take care of the tastes as per the people’s choice.
Thus newspapers are the most best source of current knowledge, entertainment, education and many more.

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