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Patience and Restraint Steps to Success

When the mind is subjugated by the senses, then there is a danger of crossing the boundry line of restraint, feelings become uncontrollable, incontinence worsens mental balance, humans become insensitive, dignities are disturbed. Man’s attitude of lust and enjoyment are responsible for all these happenings.

Material pleasures, forced ambitions, the desire to get everything fast makes the mind unsympathetic leading to stress, depression, insensitivity, diabolical tendency resulting in violence, corruption, tyranny, harassment, bribery, addiction , etc.
The results are revealed , lust, anger, greed, jealousy are the fathers of incontinence and the ultimate enemy of restraint. In the same way, negative competition adds fuel to the fire.

Actually, all the reins of qualities are tied to restraint.
When these reins break, all the qualities seem to be lost from the personality, like rein_severed uncontrolled dwindling kite in the sky. Even in short span the uncontrolled mind tends to commit bad deeds eliminating all past good deeds . Incontinence motivates immorality. The drifting towards commital of crime is the result of incontinence. Controlling the senses inorder to overcome emotions defines restraint. It plays an important role in structuring mankind into a human being.

Conscience, tolerance, positive thinking , sensitivity, discipline, and contentment are the basic pillars of restraint. Patience and restraint are the first steps to success.
Conscience gets strength by good values, education, positive interaction, etc. Hard work, service attitude, and simplicity enhance patience. Thinking, brainstorming, etc., purify thoughts. Prayers and devotion to the God make a person sensitive.
Life is disciplined by determination.

Spirituality is the sacrificial fire in which all the bad virtues can be sacrificed and the good virtues and qualities can be refined like gold.
It is difficult to give up up consumerism in the Modern Materialistic World and adopt simplicity and sacrificial attitude. Therefore ,it is absolutely necessary to maintain a balance between these two extremities to lead a meaningful life.
Today lifestyle and routine require a change. In humans, both angels and devils co-exist , we may not be able to become angels, but we should avoid to become devils,and try to be humane.

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