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O my dear dude!

O my dear dude!
Whenever your eyes nude,
Into my open eyes peep,
And find them mute.

Even then O my dear love- priest!
Get not depressed at least.

Try going there deep,
Inside my eyes cute.

And I assure you will there hear
Yourself talking aloud.
Why eyes should shed any tear
Why won’t vanish dejection- cloud.

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सम्प्रति: Principal, Government Upper Primary School, Pasgawan Lakhimpur Kheri शिक्षा:- MSc गणित, MA in English, MEd, PG Diploma in Journalism, PG DMIT Achievements: "किन्तु सफर आसान रहेगा" हिंदी काव्य संग्रह…

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