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Spread your empire in the world
You made great place in evèŕy heart
Appraisal of your deeds being heard
Afraid from you yet felt no guilt

Responsible to make unemployment
Not having gìven bread and butter
Growing for publiç dissappointment
Factories closed their shutter

Hero of century does heroic deeds
No money shorten human needs
Chaos and graves seen everyehere
Happiness on faces finds nowhere

O ! Cruel King feeling sad all beings
Too feared to go outside seeings
World wide wave you destroying
Accept greatness nòt çome again

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Dr. Madhu Trivedi **My blog madhu parashar.blogspot.in Meri Dunia **Deputy Editor in "Mausam" magazine Active on Facebook since 2012 **Award Saraswat Samman - by World Friendship Forum Best litterateur award…

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