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“Kulwant see the behaviour is very bad, nowadays N.R.I. has started a new trend, there have been cases in many places that N.R.I. would pretend to marry them by giving greed to girls or widowed women to go abroad. Enjoyed their holidays, and go back to forever…” said her childhood friend Manpreet.

“No-no, my Maninder is not like this, He had presented me a gold ring before the wedding and said that he owns a very big bungalow in England, which he will name me after marriage and soon after. Soon he will take to me too England… ”

“Oh God! please help Kulwant,” said Manpreet, “Hope your baby in England open eyese…”

Even in unbearable labor pains, Kulwant Kaur’s ears were echoing the words of her friend Manpreet, she was not believe that she was also tricked, “So am I born his baby committing, that bastard … who is go to abroad and forgot me….. for the last six months, who did not have time a phone to call me… oh! why did I fall into his trap… his luxurious bungalow in London, Thames river… England’s super first trains… Oh! under the guise of these promises, he eagle kept eat body me day and night… playing with my naive feelings… I wish! If his intentions were known first… ”

Her newborn girl’s crying were echoing in the atmosphere, she also wished to cry in broad daylight.


(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “N.R.I.”
English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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