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Mentality is the approach an individual adopts in dealing with the subject and situation in day to day life.
This approach is formed over a period of time by past experiences , peer pressure, assumptions, hearsay without analysing the facts on the platform of reasoning ,
which is more of refection of the group rather than of individuality .
This type of approach is governed by prejudice, indifference , selfishness , undermining positive aspects of analysis .
Preconceived notions play an important role in formation of this behavior, which are often contaminated with negative ingredients of initiation.
Change in mentality is observed with environmental changes in the peer groups giving effect to individual thought process and self introspection in establishing and recognising individual’s status under changed condition.

Proper dissemination of right type of information play key role in bringing change in mentality of individual and group of people for their unbiased approach in the life , and for welfare of the society as a whole.

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