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May our republic day be eternal

May our republic day be eternal.
Save us from being captive forever.

May our aspiration have the blessing of God.
May the freedoms remain immortal all over the world.

The republic may get the best leadership ever.
Be proposed passed and driven excellently,my dear.
Deeds may speak the language of words and narrations.
Leadership always interrogate themselves.

The process of justice should be pure, alive.
The law of punishment should never terrorize.

Be there indomitable faith in governance of the governed.
And be it have as the unbroken faith in God.

Republic is of unity into diversity.
Accept it the idea of the Supreme God’ visibility.

‘ism’ is synonymous with all hypocrisy.
How they oppose them face to face, See.

Happiness be there but controlled and clean.
As long as there is sorrow and there is no interruption.

It Be a resource for welfare.
Standing as the protector of all life.

Only Education is bravery, education is beauty.
There is none than education, any greater prosperity!

Republic should be a pledge and a resolution.
Don’t believe and accept except this any other option.
Arun Kumar Prasad


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