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Love The Planet In Return

“ Love the planet in return “
We shall reap what we sow,
Earth day too shall pass before we know.
Give the planet gift of green color mixed with purity,
Food is abundant,but,can we eat it with surety ?
Don’t convert the grasslands into concrete jungle,
A day will come, when we will be left with just rocks to mingle.
Let us all take an oath to plant some trees,
Not to pollute rivers and seas.
To show its worth,
Let us care for our earth.
If we don’t put a check on our greed,
For quality life our kids will have to plead.
Convert the planet into garden of flowers,
Lost in its beauty,our hearts can dance for hours .
Treat the earth with immense honesty,
So that it can feed us till we are more than ninety.
Let us teach our kids not only to score great percentages,
But also, to take care of the earth to make it livable for ages.
Indu Nandal
✍️Self composed

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