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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
A new era has come in the field of Information and Technology. We became the fastest nowadays. The days of sending letters, telegram, telephone through telephone exchange, etc have gone. The new devices have changed our lives. The Smart Phone and Mobile Android made us too fast to contact anyone across the world. We send our messages through WhatsApp. Really it is the miracle of science and technology. We talk face to face in Video Calling. Once we request to Google for any information within no time it appears. So we are living in the fastest World.
No doubt our action became fastest in the field of Information and technology but physically we are becoming very slow. We get up in the morning. Watching the calls, messages, likes, and comments is the topmost priority. We don’t even leave it in the bathrooms also. We use them there. A warrior can’t leave with GANDIV. We are totally incomplete without this device. It gives pleasure to watch new movies and provides local, national, and international news of the world. We can watch arts and cultures, sports, health issues, drama, etc.
To be very frank we are not much sense. We want to avail maximum opportunity to see the different App. So it is very difficult to read even the small articles rather than big articles. It became our trend to throw the likes. Sometimes someone gives the comment without going through the contains of articles. It leaves a bad impression. They want to say something else and I write an inappropriate reaction. It is our mistake that we can’t understand the topic and throw irrelevant remarks.
“BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT “It is a commendable gesture to write but we must write short in simple languages. It is a misconception among writers that their articles would be gone through by everyone. So, I would recommend some apps i.e. “Your Quote”, “Your Story” and WhatsApp status where we can write very short with complete meaning. The LONG ARTICLES must not be posted to Facebook which would be certainly overlooked by maximum.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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