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Life what are you !!!

Life is a rollercoster ride
Taking us up and down and up again
You shout and shout and than boom-
The excitement follows…

Emotions in life
are so varied & impromptu
Lots of cries and cries and than boom –
The laughter follows…

What the world needs
And what we want from this world
Is always so drastically different
Confusion confusion everywhere and than boom -clarity follows

What are the goals where we are reaching is never
Ever clear
Running running and running and than boom-
The destination follows…

But in the midst of all this confusion and all this turbulence
The chaos of the soul flows and flows and boom – the serenity follows.
….. Written By Meenu Lodha

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I am a post graduate in English literature . Had Sanskrit ,psychology and English as my subjects for graduation.Love to write poetries in both Hindi and English

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