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Lamp I am

I am the lamp.
Brought out of dust and mud.
I radiate a ray of affection from within Our mind.
I am the moon shining in the new moon.
I am full moon in every darkness.
I burn, I am blessed to be burnt.
And I know of this welfare.

Don’t you see!
I, the Dancing flame, swinging flame, am singing something.
Speak the truth! Am I not beautifully singing!
And me bow down to the wick.
I am grateful to oil.
Looks like I am the incarnation of the sun, isn’t it?
I am your friend, isn’t it? During darkness.
When you burn like me, you will be glorified.
You do distribute the goodness as you burn,
Your soul get the fragrance of God.

The light is our masterpiece, our fame.
It is our request to earn this.
I am light not only by the body but also by mind.
I can illuminate every darkness!

I am the lamp, brought out of dust and mud.
I radiate a ray of affection.
The body is now metallic as well
Not only the earthenware.
In this solstice-era.
But, the religion of my mind is morally pious.
The flame is electrically excited but affectionate as was.
It has become charming and super intense.
Our work has not changed and not duty also.
We will never change any target and opinion.
Showing the path still is our task.
My only goal is to travel unlimitedly
around the universe.

I am now ignited with a calm mind.
Now I am not afraid of blind storms anymore.
Now your trust is thicker and deeper on us.
We’re broadened over and above .
Now you can play with light unrestricted.
You can see your past incidents by capturing them.

I am a lamp, now my body is of metal.
Our mind is but a ray made of affectionate waves.

Lamp I am, your progress is my achievement.
Footpaths are bright, we have made them bright.
Nothing has ever asked for I in return.
I Did not save even any of my Ashes anywhere?

This is the only request my friends!
Friends, you become the instrument of progress.
Our body may not be found any more…
But The mind of the soul will remain as a ray.
Goodbye to you in this evening of my life.
Wish you all the happiness and every boon may satisfy.
Arun Kumar Prasad


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