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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal”
It is not justified to tell that all the material which are being posted to Facebook is incorrect. We have different types of friends and acquaintances. We are much fortunate that we are connected with intellectuals,writers,doctors,engineers,poets,
dramatists ,photographers ,teachers,journalists ,advocates,religious leader, veterans,students,politicians etc. They generally write something on their Facebook. These certainly help us to cultivate knowledge. We rarely meet in practical life …but it seems that we are much closed with each other. It is common nowadays that rare people are devoting their time to go through the other’s opinions and article etc. There is no shortcut way to achieve the goal. It is not difficult to know that who is reading or who is avoiding it ….Life is to learn. It is always noticed that some people are confined to particular languages. So when someone writes in English, a number of people overlook them ……We are blessed with this modern device which has the vast horizon to be connected with globally. We have to learn various languages. A few people are interested in international affairs otherwise some people are much confined with a certain parameter of languages. Nothing is impossible when we have sophisticated weapons with us and moreover, we have got brilliant Facebook Friends.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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