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Keep the life in motion

Keep The Life in Motion

Sensitivity of emotions
Keep the life in a motion

Happiness and sadness
Important life’s notions

Having no way to survive
Just to have precautions

Senses are bases of life
Be awareness of cautions

Humanism is dependent
Colours of several lotions

Honesty is the best policy
Mechanism of promotion

Tales and the dishonesty
Spread allover commotion

Mistrust misunderstanding
Create very big explosions

Sukhwinder says be aware
Otherwise go in corrosion
Sukhvinder Singh Manseerat
Kheri Rao Wali (Kaithal)

सुखविंद्र सिंह मनसीरत कार्यरत ःःअंग्रेजी प्रवक्ता, हरियाणा शिक्षा विभाग शैक्षिक योग्यता ःःःःM.A.English,B.Ed व्यवसाय ःःअध्ययन अध्यापन अध्यापक शौक ःःकविता लिखना,पढना भाषा ःःहिंदी अंग्रेजी पंजाबी हिन्दी साहित्यपीडिया साईट पर प्रथम रहना प्रतिलिपि…

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