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Introspection is the internal observation and analysis of ‘Self’ with a view to find the reasons of every action undertaken and resultant effect thereto and identification of flaws in methodology of approach for correction and refinement of personal skill in dealing with situation and problems in future.
It also aims at finding inherent weaknesses and strength for reinforcement and revivals .
It is also pondering into grey areas of personality and endeavor for corrective measures.
Introspection is exploring inner potential and it’s effective utilisation for best possible results.

Introspection is reviewing the attitude of self towards others and it’s negative or positive impact on performance and results.
Introspection is also thinking beyond the boundaries of egos, emotions, inhibitions, for finding practical solution of the problems in the prevailing situation.
Introspection is also identification negative vibes and vices in character for making efforts in undertaking corrective measures.

Introspection provides an opportunity to an individual to perceive the real ‘Self’ within which has played an important role in his real image building before the outer world instead of egoistic pseudo image of ‘Self’.

Introspection clears the mental blocks created over a period of time due to preoccupations, prejudices, misconceptions, contaminated beliefs resulting in error of judgment and non judicious decisions and wrongly contemplated inferences.

Introspection gives a fair free platform for reasoning and helps in sharpening the wisdom and strengthens the decision making power and practical prowess in dealing with problems in a given situation and condition in best possible manner .

Finally, Introspection is a tool for overall make over of Personality of an Individual projected as real ‘Self’ before the others with unique characteristic personal attributes for overall image building.

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