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Intoxicating Past

No doubt the past is intoxicating, it always magnetize you by casting the illusion that things were awesome, you were happier, were at the best place, and the experiences were richer back then,
It also enervates you,
Leaving you stuck in your memories of pain, suffering, heartbreak, and disappointment.
It holds you back from even attempting another shot of happiness.
If we don’t learn from past mistakes we are bound to repeat them.
But why not, we learn to let go of the things which cause pain in the past.
While learning to put a spurt on, keeping the knowledge close but not allowing it to take over our ability to try again… to feel again.
I believe that we grow richer in this life by learning from all our mistakes, pain, love, missed opportunities, rewarding times, and moments of pain that trusted us down to our knees.
But we learned, didn’t we? And because we learned we became richer than we could have ever imagined, we took the chance and we grew from it. The key is to not allow your past to stop you.

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