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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Life became easy in the field of information and technology with the induction of modern devices. Its different App made us so sophisticated that we can travel across the world within a second. We can talk to everyone face to face on WhatsApp. Messenger App is being used to send the message fast as well as used for video calling. Email serves to send the letter across the world within no time. Typing in any language became easy. Google provides the prompt dictionary. They even correct the spelling also. It seems to be like heaven where everything is available.
Not only Google has given a new gift to Facebook. This is a very amazing app which is connecting old friends. There are queues of new friends also. We can connect with anyone by sending requests or accepting their requests. There is no bar of age and sex. We could spread our wings across the world. Romanian people understand others’ literature and we could go through their languages also. Google translates all languages as the readers want.
It is being noticed that maximum people want to be associated with many. But they don’t want to be connected from the hearts. It is the topmost app where we are finding the various types of people. We get different ideas, opinions, literature, information, poem, stories, etc. from our Facebook Friends. After becoming the friend we never write any letter to the new friends. It is quite impossible that people are not educated in this era. It doesn’t matter about languages. We can write in any language. English, Hindi, and even regional languages can be projected off and on. Someone writes something on messenger with a lot of affection and others will show his THUMBS UP only. Is it the right way to connect with Facebook Friends?
“IN THE DIGITAL AGE, IDEAS ARE LIKED NOT FACES “We are not sitting there to see their faces only. It looks odd to post only the Anniversary, House Warming Function, Journey, Flight journey, Visiting the historical sight, etc. No doubt, these are required but writings to our friends are also essential. I would not like to emphasize to write everyone which is completely impractical. But we should write them often to whom who writes us. It is rightly said that “IN THE DIGITAL AGE, IDEAS ARE LIKED NOT FACES “!!!
Dr. Lakshman Jha ” Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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