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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Earlier the means of conversation was less but people were interested to talk. We met friends, relatives, and strangers. It was the curiosity to know about each other. They asked about hobbies, education, interests, and the aims of their lives. Friends gathered in the evening to discuss various issues. Seniors met in temple premises, school grounds, on the bank of a river, or in a tea stall. The village library was an important place where the villagers could start conversations. We use to get the appropriate opportunities for better conversation during any social function i.e., Durga Puja, Chhath Puja, Diwali, Sarasvati Puja, Idd, Christmas Day, Guru Parv, etc. The functions of Mundan, Janau, Puja, Marriage, etc. also played an important role. The gathering of people used to get interact with everyone. They took their postal addresses when they were separated. But they always tried to correspond them by writing on Post Cards, Inland Letters, Envelop and sometimes they used Telegram during any emergency. But we were very prompt in conversation in spite of very sluggish means.
This is very unfortunate that we have been blessed with the sophisticated device which has a lot of application to keep continue the conversation on fast mode. With the pinching of a finger, we can send the message very fast. We have SKYP, VIDEO CALLING through Messenger and WhatsApp. Every member of the family has got Android Mobile. So it is quite easy to talk to anybody. But this small device is making us disable it. We always dance to our tunes. We get up early in the morning with mobile. We check the mobile applications. Who has liked my post? Is there any message? What are the latest WhatsApp posts? We keep ourselves busy with our mobile. Even mobile is kept in Toilet and Bath Room during taking bath. It is not justified to tell that the functions, social gatherings, games, etc. are over. But we forget the responsibility. Men are incomplete without conversation. To be very frank the conversation and correspondence generate discipline, decency, humility, respect, love, and affection. People don’t want to talk on Mobile but they prefer to send borrowed posts. They rarely write anything.
Now it is the biggest question before us that if someone wants to write where he would write? We could write and send through messenger. But 1% of people go through and reply to it. Otherwise, maximum shows the thumps up only. A new trend started in WhatsApp. 99.5% of people send the borrowed posts but they never write the reaction, gratitude, critics, and a few words. As Timeline is declared completely “OUT OF BOUND AREA “by Facebook Account Holders. So we find that 99.5% of people are not at all interested to continue the conversation or not ready to give any space in their applications. Now we would have to search for a new option to preserve love and affection.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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