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Illusion v/s Reality

Illusion is the perception of mind which is governed by external influence of distortion of facts behind it making it appear real , whereas reality is the constitution of facts on the grounds of analytical ability of mind.
Illusion is governed by creation of environment in such a way that the mental faculties tend to believe it to be real without application of analytical abilities of an individual in judgement of facts.
The incidence of illusion and it’s gravity differs from individual to individual depending on individual’s background of belief,faith,past experiences, education,peer groupism, traditional biased approach in deriving conclusion, superstitions, & herd mentality which blurrs the individual’s thinking.
The proverb of “seeing is believing” proves wrong in such cases ie: what is seen by the eyes may not be fact in all cases as an universal thumb rule.
Reality is based on the fact behind any matter which is based on universal logical ground and prove to be true on analytical application of mind by a prudent individual.
In daily life we come across many incidences and happenings which may be magical tricks of the trade or creating an environment influencing public minds to make it appear to be true with ulterior motives controlling public minds for deriving personal benefits.
There are incidences where a large group of people being hypnotized by so called godmen for running their shops of illicit activities.
These type of godmen adopt various tricks and techniques for controlling minds of innocent people to carry on their nafarious activities.
Media and advertisements also play an important role in promoting such activities in collusion with such cheats.
There are certain incidences wherein a real matter appear to be untrue , because of the fact the criteria on which the analysis is based is superficial and lack thorough insider probe to ascertain the fact which results in error of judgement ultimately.
Therefore prudence of judgement of an individual to determine the facts on the logical platform distinguish between illusion and reality.

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