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If you raise him with affection and love,

If you raise him with affection and love,
Then he Wins the all while rising above.
And If you treat him with hatred, dislike,
Defeated one he is , a looser belike.

He is often in anger ,often in depression ,
When heart is tormented with fiery aggression.
He flourishes in desert and in rocky land,
Encouraging words make him strong man.

He can break rock and solid dry crust,
But beforehand your faith in him must.
If you have faith in him and his deed,
Nothing is really impossible indeed.

Because your anger for him ignite a roar,
A hatred reflected with passion and soar.
But if he is sorry, still you treat him well.
Compassion prevailing and peace dwell.

For boy and a mirror are in fact alike,
Mirror reflecting the image the light.
He is also reflecting the notion of all.
What is invested in boy a rise or fall.

Ajay Amitabh Suman:All Right Reserved

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