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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Humility is a precious jewel of mankind. It attracts people with a magnetic gesture. We find this type of man in the family, villages, schools, colleges, and everywhere whom people love, respect, and share everything with them. We never like that type of person who keeps a negative attitude, never shows love, affection, regards to anyone. These are found in physical association. But “HUMILITY “ has got great importance in DIGITAL Friendship. We rarely meet physically with Facebook Friends. Our writings and expressions in good gesture reflect our personality. Here we have seniors, contemporary and young Facebook Friends. Though they are called Facebook Friends, it is completely a misconception. Seniors are always senior. We cannot weigh them on one scale. Everything is changed but the HUMILITY is never changed so far. It surrounds with DECENCY, DISCIPLINE, and DECORUM. We become associated with anyone either he is a Superstar, Great man, Writer, National Award Winner, Director, Dramatist, Journalist, etc, they must make their habits to regard to everyone. If some write a few lines to express his pleasure to them, they should also express GRATITUDE or LOVE in their replies. But they show their THUMP only in their replies. Actually, HUMILITY, DECENCY, DISCIPLINE, and DECORUM are required always to stay in the DIGITAL PLATFORM. But when we don’t get any response from them we get disheartened. So please join once with them by asking “ WHERE ARE YOU ?… HOW DO YOU DO ? ..WHERE ARE YOU? ..IF ANY HELP IS REQUIRED, LET ME KNOW, etc. This type of gesture makes us SUPERSTAR.
Dr. Lakshman Jha ” Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road

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