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Historical site

Past life is a History,
Historical place have mystery,
Remember date and time memory,
Curiosity need to read about Historical site.

Either having wonder of the world,
Or momuments built by emperor,
Millions of years buried skelton found,
Rock depicted and ancient language makes Histroy bright.

Ancient the Egyptians Pyramid or the Great Wall of the China,
Indus Valley civilization or Ajanta-Ellora caves,
The Bamyan Buddha or the Great Sanchi Stupa,
Historical place remains the same.

A lot it gives and shows past,
Joins the past from present ,
To create a new History,
Preserve Historical site for bright future.

If one goes to visit the historical site,
Remember those who are buried inside,
They are the foundations of the present,
The beautiful life you are living.

Written by….
***Buddha Prakash
** Maudaha,Hamirpur(U.P.)

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