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Herons fly on the sky,
Having two long legs,
S-shape tall neck,
Beautiful looking bird,
Found mostly all over the world,
Living in a group,
Habitat near fresh lakes,ponds and swamp areas,
Can catch fish in night,
Clever and attentive,
Herons seem attractive,
Fish ,frog and insect eats,
It stands motionless on single leg,
And waits for prey until come in range,
Paying attention well,
It has speciality,
Catches fish with a big beek,
White ,grey, brown,blue,
Heron’s colour see,
Herons size are small and big,
Gives the message to everyone,
Pay the attention fully on you work.

***Written by-Buddha Prakash.
****Maudaha,Hamirpur (U.P.)

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