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Heart to heart

I keep the enemies near
With believe to make them dear

I know stones are on the way
But I will succeed One day

False may be powerful
But I like to be truthful

I am Rich in emotions
So get defeat in relations

I don’t care what the people saying
I listen to my heart and keep on moving

By sharing the sorrows of others
I collect the happiness of myself

Although the time is hard
Only and only love is guard

Love every moment of our life
Even it is bad or nice

Some people attack on the back
The feelings of love they lack

We have to spread love at every part
By sendind its message heart to heart

Dr Archana Gupta
Moradabad( up)

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डॉ अर्चना गुप्ता (Founder,Sahityapedia) "मेरी तो है लेखनी, मेरे दिल का साज इसकी मेरे बाद भी, गूँजेगी आवाज" माता- श्रीमती निर्मला अग्रवाल पिता- स्मृति शेष डॉ राजकुमार अग्रवाल शिक्षा-एम०एस०सी०(भौतिक शास्त्र),…

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