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Hardwork – Key to Success

Hardwork – Key to Success

Introduction: All human beings are a part of civilization. Civilization comes only by sincere efforts, by work. Man can’t live without work; work is an important part of men’s life to move ahead, to get alive, to move up for better future, work is essential for all living beings. Life is not possible without work and even world can’t move even a single step ahead, work is the another form of worship. As we all know that god is also so busy to create creatures and to look after them all. He has no leisure hours for himself to rest even for a moment, Man can keep him alive only by doing work.
Human civilization is the result of man’s hard work of centuries. Man is a curious living being who all time imagines about the new world, new provision, new articles, new technology, self growth and many more. Lethargic attitude always harmful. There are people who don’t work hard. They think this consumes energy and it is injurious to health. They look upon work as something dull and tiring. But they are sadly mistaken, they don’t know defect that work gives us health and happiness along with experience. Hard work keeps us fit and fine without work man becomes lazy. This causes the weakness in some organ of the body. Those who think save energy by not doing work, gets their lives a Burden for them. Work is essential to give exercise to muscles and joints of the bone part of the body. This channelized strength and energy in
the body.
It is an activity which involves physical and mental both parts of the body. It gives strength not only to physical structure of the body but also to develop mind by virtue of getting experience by doing a work number of times. That’s why
work are divided into two categories- One is physical and another is mental. If a man does not do physical work his body parts become weak. Similarly mental work is essential for mental alertness. As we all know that labourers and menial workers they earn their livelihood by doing physical work on the other hand scholars and researchers make use of their mental ability to grow their mental ability and growth. By their mental growth they come out with new ideas and visions to the society.
A man gets his place in the society only by doing hard work or we can say that hard work determines the man’s place in the society. An ideal man is getting respect in the society. Nobody likes the company of an idle. Everybody keeps him at an arm’s length. He is always looked upon as a liability in the society. If we look at hard working person is admired and rewarded everywhere. It is only through his painful efforts that he makes his life joyful and peaceful. A man who is busy in work all time never develops any bad habit. He makes the best use of his time. He comes out with something best by doing every next
Hard work brings the followings in life –
Dignified personality
Create great demand
Sane from social evils like
tobacco, smoking etc.
Respectful status in the society.
Getting rewards very common
As ideals for others
As icon for the institutional/
Remains in the heart of the other
Confidence building
Something special for the society
Become motivational personality
By going through the said points we may conclude that law important is becoming hard working. Hard work is useful for self, family, nation and the whole world. Hard work is always a key to success. This inculcates confidence and imparts importance of hard working in the minds of others. So work hard for better results.

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