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Happiness is the sense of well-being which is derived in many ways of mental and physical satisfaction.
It is a mental condition in which positive adrenalin flows through the body giving sense of enjoyment and elation.
Happiness quotient differs from individual to individual and depends on various factors governing individual’s mind .
The various factors responsible for this state of mind are individual’s values, preferences and tastes, environment, situations , associations , understanding of liveliness and attitude towards life on the basis of his presumptions and perceptions.
Happiness is closely associated with emotions. Positive emotions give rise to greater degree of happiness whereas its effects is nullified by negativity of thoughts.
Happiness is categorised into two one physical and second mental happiness.
Third category of happiness is spiritual happiness which is specific and does not cover common people and require special platform for discussion.
Physical happiness directly relates to sense of elation or joy culminating from flow of positive adrenalin in the body which is experienced by an individual resultant of a physical effect on the body.
Whereas mental happiness is the result of sense of achievement of a task, feat or expectations of desired results , which directly relates to mental satisfaction.
Physical happiness is classified into short term and long term happiness.
The short term happiness is termed as pleasure which fades out with passage of time, whereas long term happiness is the sense of physical well-being which an individual derives from his consistent efforts over a period of time and stays longer.
Physical and mental happiness are complimentary to each other. If the mental condition is dejected or diverted the physical happiness could not be achieved to the desired level and vice a versa.
Long lasting happiness is derived if physical and mental conditions are synchronized together to experience a greater degree of satisfaction over a longer period of time.
Surrounding atmosphere and people around also affect the happiness quotient to a greater extent.
Congenial atmosphere, peoples’ participation in reciprocation and conjunction augment the happiness.
Contrary , negative people and negative environment around diminish the degree of happiness to a greater extent ,and lasting power of happiness and it’s sheen is lost .
Mental well being and Physical health both are required to experience happiness to the maximum extent.
The real happiness is happiness which exists for a longer period of time in synchronized Mental and Physical condition with the boost of power of sharing with people around and creating an atmosphere of joy with positive Vibes .

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