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Give midas touch to your karma.

To search things,
Which are irrelevant,
Which are not champion,
And not go together your ideas,
Which are not come in to light,
And not imbibe positivity,
And always showing dark path,
By which we always get bad lessons,
Which are rubbish from root,
Which have never ended in result of good work,
And lead astray in open place,
To live life without experience,
Such things are,totally,
Have the fake shining,
Which will always give you,
Double whammy,
Of less complacent,
And paucity in strength,
So,such things are giving you,
A best example to live life,
With his own virtues,
Consider them and their reality,
Therefore pursue the best side of your faith,
Give midas touch.

©Abhishek Parashar💐💐💐💐

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"गुरुकृपा: केवलम्" श्रीगुरु: शरणं मम। श्रीसीताशरणं मम। श्रीराम: शरणं मम। आदर्श वाक्य है- "स्वे स्वे कर्मण्यभिरत: संसिद्धिं लभते नर:", "तेरे थपे उथपे न महेश, थपे तिनकों जे घर घाले तेरे…

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