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“If you want to be healthy
talk about sports
If you want to keep healthy body
Talk about the game. ”

When we talk about the all-round development of the child, what is the role of play in life, it is decided by itself, but today in the parks of the colony, children are rarely seen playing in the plains away from the narrow streets, the reason is that today social media is so active that it has an impact on the new generation too, the child learns to use mobile as soon as he is two years old, then becomes so addicted that it starts deteriorating for mobile and gets away from games.

The second reason is the feeling of insecurity, not allowing the elder children of the house to go out, due to which the spirit of the game does not flourish. That is why the elders of the child keep him glued to the mobile. Earlier the games of boys and girls were different. Children used to play games like Kanche Gulli, Danda etc. Girls used to play Gutke, Gudde Gudiya.
In the changing environment, social media has taken their place, boys and girls are involved in social sites from morning to evening in such a way that they do not have leisure to participate in sports and show their talent.

The attitude of some government is also indifference towards sports and sportspersons in such a way that they do not get adequate facilities so that sportsmanship is not nurtured.

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