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Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
We can’t expect everything from Digital Friends like as in Physical Friends. Digital Friends are associated in the Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Groups and WhatsApp’s. We get rare chance to meet them . They would be from across the world whom we could get them on the Digital Platform.
The Physical Friends are made in the villages, schools,colleges,playgrounds,indoor and outdoor games ,training, service ,etc. It has got long process to establish the Physical Friendship . It is judged with different angle . The MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING is the first pillar of Physical Friendship and followed by COOPERATION and HELPFUL ,MEETING and SECRECY .These strong pillars keep the Friendship for long time .
But these pillars are not required to establish the Digital Friendship . We can’t know everyone on the Digital Platform . The inefficient information of Digital Friends creates boredom. It is observed that maximum Digital Friends don’t furnish all the information in their Biodata. They hide their ages, educations, hobbies, jobs, extracurricular activities. The TRANSPERENCY, COMMUNICATION, RESPONSIVE and DECENCY are considered the strong pillars of DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP . The building of Digital Friendship would be collapsed in absence of these pillars .
We intend to spread our wings across the world and make the battalion of Digital Friends . It is difficult to judge them easily .We wish to increase the number of Digital Friends because everybody would like to show the strength of his battalion . At that time nobody watch the TRANSPERENCY of Friends who send the Friend’s Request . Gradually we keep on watching their COMMUNICATIONS. If someone writes a few words on their messengers ,they would never reply . The gesture of IRESPONSIVENESS creates a vacuum in understanding among Digital Friends. The negative reply on comment boxes shows lack of DECENCY .
No doubt , Above qualities are very important but we can’t persuade to follow them . There are many things to be compromised in Friendship World . We must react according to the situation . “FRIENSHIP IS HARD TO GET BUT EASY TO LEAVE .”
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Sound Health Centre
Doctor’s Lane


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