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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal ”
Everybody is welcomed to be associated with anyone but our incomplete profile may jolt to some extent to others. We feel the pride to have new friends but it is not at all justified to induct them into the friend list without knowing them properly.
Sometimes they don’t paste their photographs and do not project their details in their profiles. We are making the friendship relations and hiding the personal information is not at all appropriate. Sometimes they appear on Facebook… sometimes they disappear. This is, indeed, a miracle of this small device that is making possible everything today.
Earlier we were confined with letter correspondence, telephonic talk, and other means. Now, this new technology became master and curtailed all primitive methods.
Before sending the Friend request at least proper photographs, date of birth, hobbies, interests, education, and address is needed. It is essential to know everything about individuals because we get connected for long period.
It is always appreciated to project the views and comments in the timelines and in the boxes of comments. We rarely meet each other in practical life. So our writings will reflect our personality, psychological status, and human behavior.
We find someone who tries to post other’s posts and stickers. The borrowed posts and comments spread the wrong images of individuals. We often react and project the wrong sentences rather than give their concrete opinions.
We are free to express our views but give solid concepts to prove our logical opinions. Facebook has a number of friends and acquaintances ..Even it has long list of great man i.e ,scholars,seniors, writers ,poets, actors,doctors ,directors,teachers,advocates etc…
We have also the same group of people …..There are younger people also. Seniors need always discipline….. .punctuality,……manners,….. respect from their subordinates. Same aged group friends expect mutual understanding,…… cooperation,…..getting together and maintaining the secrecy. Juniors are always interested to cultivate good qualities from us ……
We must use the different yardsticks to attract them …But we are being deviated from the right goal ……. We denounce and reject the opinions of others without giving proper logical thoughts ….which create the wrong impression among all……
The habit of observing or listening, writing and expressing is the perfect lesson which is to be cultivated every time……..We must respect other views and also project our opinions with decency …decorum …discipline in simple languages only. In this way, we would not miss anyone from our hearts.
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic


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