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True Friendship is the bondage between two individuals having similar vibes , interests, thinking wave length ,and reciprocating attitude , and sacrifice for each other. This kind of relationship is beyond personal interests and specific purpose/ motives for benefit of ‘ self’ .

Friendship is charecterised by sharing the views , happiness , grief ,free from materialism . It has also ingredients of forgiveness for each other for error /fault committed . Difference of opinion are sorted and solved on the platform of facts amicably without any preoccupation / prejudice for each other. The thrust is given on arriving at consensus raher than forcing one’s decision on other . Efforts are taken for correction of weakness of each other , and strengths are utilized for mutual benefits , instead of taking advantage for benefit of ‘self’ .

Finding homogeneity in two heterogeneous individuals is major effort in strengthening friendship .

True Friendship never allow external invasion / interference in the privacy of friends. At the same time it solicits external advices and suggestions for improvement/ amendments in their arrived consensus ,

In true friendship there is no room for doubt on the behavior by each one of them, instead it has quality of exposing the elements trying to create conflicts / differences / doubts between two friends .

True Friendship has the substance of maintenance of confidentiality and secrecy of matters which require mutual consent before disclosure to third party .

True Friendship is unique in character which can never segregated and catagorised according to social status ,religion, caste, creed ,and extends beyond the physical boundaries of kingdom , states , and nations .

Friendship stands firm on the strong footing of mutual faith and never be eroded by malafide external intentions and structured conspiracies of dissociation by vested interests.

Therefore, True Friendship is the eternal bondage which is everlasting unaffected by vagaries of life and beyond all the relationships of the ‘Mortal World’.

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