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Friend forever !

When we meet someone new,
Unkown stranger if feels,
Heart to heart feeling meets,
Something happen bonds together,
No answer no question,
Friend forever !

Rich or poor no value here,
Beauty or ugly nothing for friendship,
Money never put cracks in friendship real,
Never be fear it’s purely divine,
It’s only love to become a friend,
Friend forever !

Never be skeptical,
Always helpful in the life long,
Keep faith friends are best,
No limit in friendship ,
Not the age bound ,
Friend forever !

Free from selfishness ,
Friendship touches the heart,
Comes in front when need,
A true friend pleases you,
Sacrifices truely do,
Friend forever !

Never deceives,
keeps promises,
Beyond the descrimation,
Such a friend never be find,
If you cry friend feels hurt ,
friend forever !

Written by-
✍🏼Buddha Prakash,
Maudaha Hamirpur (U.P.)

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