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Father’s Compassion

Look at father’s face,
Read out the dream of his eyes,
His heart beats with hope,
His sentiment is reflected in the tears,
Carry all the burden on both his shoulders,
But never utters a word,
For whom he cares.

Time changes from past to future,
World converts as its natural,
Hair turns to white with body old,
Never desires his incomplete dream,
His determination never be fluctuate,
But lives his life,
For whom he care.

Silently hides his sorrow,
He doesn’t get tired of his responsibilities,
His kindness is with you even when you are rude,
Patience of a father has bigger than the sky,
No one can define a father’s love,
But he smiles,
For whom he care.

Written by–
***Buddha Prakash
***Maudaha Hamirpur(U.P.)

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