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Dr. Lakshman Jha ” Parimal ”
Facebook is considered to be a wonderful Ganga whose stream moves from the top peak of the mountain to its goal, tearing through every barrier-cut path that grows at a rapid pace! Streams of small and big water and tributaries are included in them. There are many stars hidden in the horizons of Facebook, the light of whose talents illuminate the whole universe! A great writer is a wonderful poet whose writings give the impression of “Satyam, Shivam, and Sundaram”! There are 6809 languages in the world. They also observe culture, lifestyle, customs, and costumes. The contributions of teachers, litterateurs, singers, musicians, painters, actors, advocates, satirists, doctors, sportspersons, etc., flow the clear stream of Facebook! It is through their contributions that our Facebook shines and shines! Their works satisfy all the people! Our personality begins to blossom in their presence! We are all living day by day by the endless streams of the Ganges of Knowledge! By reading the writings, listening to poems, singing and music, acting gestures, divine painting, political criticism, fair journalism, sarcastic expression, health information, etc., we begin to look and reflect in-depth! A positive response and accurate criticism give us a KUMBH BATH and transcend doubts and curiosity! Their words are different, who do not reach this holy knowledge of Ganga and take a dip in it!“ जिन खोजा तिन पाइया ,गहरे पानी पैठ ! मैं बपुरा बुड़न डरा ,रहा किनारे बैठ “ . Now we will not write anything or read it and do not even try to reach the Ganges of knowledge, so how can we become archers? “गंगा का लक्ष्य है सागर से मिलना ,ऊँचे -नीचे राहों से उसको क्या करना !”This is how the endless stream of the Ganges of knowledge should flow! We must ignore the gestures of inaction! Many people take a bath in many strange contaminated drains wearing their black blankets! But the Ganges of Knowledge lies only in the holy streams of Facebook! The hair must also have a huge heart on the pretext of the nectar of the Ganges of knowledge! The best are the Ganges, but they are like-minded! Bless everyone with our cool current! Stay connected with everyone, respect everyone and talk the most to everyone! If we just dance to our tunes, people will shun us! If we have to learn some new things, we will have to constantly take a dip in the Ganges, the knowledge of Facebook! We have to experimentally memorize the mantras of decency, manners and softness only then will the Facebook Ganga make us clean!
Dr. Lakshman Jha ” Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P. College Road


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