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entry fees for life

Entry Fees
There are various kinds of fees in our country many of them are absurd and many out of many are illogical baseless and a burden on the exchequer. I never learned this system of payment of fees to date. I have never taken any kind of bad money from anybody in my life. My profession was such so that I would have that and there are many offers. but whatever is the cause I never accepted such a trend.

Kind first/anonymous no record generates black money

One of my juniors who was a real political employee and had taken all kinds of bribe cash kind booze gifts etc, he also has a habit of offering money cash kind gifts, etc to all where he thinks that it may help him any time later he offer them food tea in his office and in lieu of that make friends then used them for jobs favors and clearance of files, etc of all general and specific or individual matters. He never missed his salary, dues, arrears, or any update. I would admit here that being so particular about money, he also has no other bad habit like boozing, gaming, in fact in life, as far as i know, he never spent money on any bad deeds besides above, also he is a good worshipper of the lord hanuman Ji a regular visitor to his temple and if any donation is asked he does it, he never left his salary or any kind of money in the bank as soon as it is confirmed in the account he withdraws it.

I have seen many kinds of people in life who use bad money in bad ways to spend and enjoy but for him, this is not applicable. This part of his life is clean to the best of my knowledge. Then the question arises where does he use his money [ salary or by corrupt means ] as a guess he does savings as was permitted for tax purposes only besides that no clue for hefty investments.

He has 2 kids – both done their college one boy is sent to some foreign country with his relatives settled therein, the girl is mature enough to reach the age to marry. The wife was a simple and religious lady. No extra expenses. In all above.

Kind Second / also anonymous no record generates black money and taken as protection money. They say government can never protect you shit shame on this version.

There are scores of score such gangs they survive and service this norm all under the nose of law enforcement agencies who know all what’s happening but shut eyes as they also take a commission from them. Beware you should avoid making complaints about such events. No escape.

Kind Third is a dangerous game. It is a very hifi game where gangs kidnap people, kids, ladies for ransom, and if do not obey they kill or ampute or make them disable for life and leave them abandoned. Also, you can’t do anything.

As of all above, there are many fees which you pay during life and there is no record of such payments. So if any law-making agency reading these lines of mine pls make such laws by which an innocent citizen who pays regular taxes for his breath on your land be saved from all nongovt fees like these and his /her rights as a citizen are intact …..


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