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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Life is incomplete without sarcasm, ridicule, and satire. These are also important in literature. Sometimes life gets boring without jokes. We like such type of friends who often make fun for other. They spread the laugh on another face. It is needed in discussion, debate, lecture, sports, journey, tours, excursion, and also in the classroom. Students like those teachers who know to break the monotonous in the classroom. When they feel lethargy in the classroom. These make us fresh to listen and make us laugh. During physical exercise, instructors create jokes to reduce physical exertion. And people always like these types of teachers and instructors. Nothing will go smoothly without laughing. As we always like comedians in circus and movies. But sarcasm, ridicule satire, and jokes should be reflected in a good manner.
Laughter is like medicine which must be applied with caution. Make sure that you are laughing for yourself without targeting the people. A leader who is always miserable, unhappy and frustrated is not at all fit to lead the organization anymore. It is found that some of friends and acquaintances react and write oddly on Facebook. The learned men also do it.
Personal sarcasm, ridicule, satire, and jokes are to be avoided on social media platforms. We don’t know thoroughly about Digital Friends. We are associated with Facebook only. If anybody throws unparliamentary sarcasm, ridicule, satire, and jokes they feel very bad. It should be in our mind that whatever we write in it, the whole world will go through. Personal satire even from funny relatives is not accepted at all on social media. It could be entertained when we meet physically. Because they don’t stay in the fence of Decency……and…….Decorum leaves the wrong impression on them. That is why I would like to emphasize cultivating the gentleman gesture. It is better to project ourselves as clowns so that nobody would get hurt. So never try to throw personal jokes on social media.
” हास्य का प्रहार लोगों पर न करना उचित है अपनो पे हंसके लोगों को हंसाना ! “@Parimal
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road
Dumka Jharkhand

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