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Don’t disturb me

Saying that “You didn’t do this, you did that” Sonali ignored Shubham, picked up her purse and left. Sitting in the auto at the auto stand, I walked towards the office, after getting down I had to walk some distance to the office. As soon as he reached the office, he was interrupted by his companion, “You are late,” he was going towards his Kevin with a face that Peon came and said, “Sir, call it.” Keeping the purse, reached the sir’s Kevin, sir. Sir, who was a middle-aged man, said “What problem, why are you so late? Sir I don’t know late,” I have some problem, I try not come too late. started doing
After two minutes of silence, Voss ordered, “See me files of emails, St. Tomorrow” Mrs. Sonali. Saying “Yes sir, in few minutes” she walked towards her Kevin. And started extracting files. After about fifteen minutes, taking the files in hand, came to Voss and said, That’s files.
Looking at the files, Vance, who was a middle-aged man, said good Sonali, assuring him of the promotion. As soon as I walked home with a smile, I remembered the incident that happened with Shubham again in the morning.

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