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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
There is no doubt that “SELFISH ARE ALL”. The children have expectations with parents and parents have expectations with their children. Society needs us and we need society. The need and the expectation from each other are the other forms of SELFISHNESS. Everywhere we find the gesture of SELFISHNESS. Without it nothing is possible. But the “EXCESS IS EVERYTHING BAD”. We live with parents, stay in the society, a study in the institution, teachers teach us, spread love among wife and husband, the attraction of boys and girls, relation with the leader and public, etc, which reflect the physical relation. We are much connected. But the Digital Friends are rarely met, still, we find the selfish attitude among them. When we display our photographs, write a blog, composing poems, writing short stories, a celebration of anniversaries, birthdays, abroad visits, plane journeys, live videos, speeches, drama, lectures, etc in Facebook which are needed to be liked, commented and praised to boost up. So we need a group of Facebook Friends. Facebook became the platform to exhibit the performances. And the Facebook friends are the viewers of our shows. Similarly, we are their viewers to appreciate others’ performances. It is rainy on both sides. Selfishness is hidden here too. We can assume it to some extend. But we never accept total Selfishness in any circumstances. Some people prefer to dance their tunes. They consider themselves the SHOWMAN of the Facebook arena. They keep on displaying their achievements, awards ceremony, function, publication of book and release. They never like to be the viewers. These types of man called “GOD OF LOVE “ ( प्रणम्य देवता ) who is the SUPER SELFISH IN THE DIGITAL WORLD ….We are on the Friend List. But we have not been connected so far neither tried to be true Friends. So we can’t leave the SELFISH ATTITUDE but “DON’T BE SO SELFISH “ otherwise we will be debarred from FRIENDSHIP.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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