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Depression is the state of mind in which total loss of confidence and helplessness is felt.
It is the state when ray of hope appears to diminish and total darkness of future is experienced.
It is because; despite making best efforts the results are bleak, and mental reasoning for the cause and effect of such a phenomenon draws blank and faculties are unable to accept such happening.
The inner positive vibes would not yield positive thoughts and negativity prevails over and self pity and guilt feeling starts.
Depression makes the person aloof of his surroundings world and always keeps hampering with only one negative thought of failure,and always making self responsible for such an outcome.
Depressed state of mind often results from certain unforeseen and unsuspected happenings when mental faculties come to a stand still.
It is necessary to come out of depressed state; otherwise if continued may result in psychological problems and abnormal behaviour.
Being introvert in nature adds to depressed state.
Therefore it is necessary to share the grief with someone whom the individual considers best person to listen to him and would provide some mental solace to him.
Fighting with ‘self ‘would never yield the solution to come out of that situation; but amenability to counseling with an advisor is the best option under such circumstances.
Sometimes the negative preoccupation for counseling with an appropriate advisor is the mental block which hinders the process of taking out a person from depression.
The first and foremost understanding that the advisor is a guide who will maintain utmost confidentiality and secrecy of the disclosures made before him and will never allow them to be used against the subject for benefit of self or others and never be instrumental in disparaging his image and reputation has to be inculcated in the person under depression.
Then only the counseling him would be fruitful and solution may be possible.
It is also necessary for an advisor to be patient listener and thoroughly analyse the situation and state of mind of the subject under counseling and apply differential approach method in tuning his mind to the level of acceptance and evolve custom made strategies for solution of the problem on selective case to case basis .
Same solution for subjects with similar problems would not hold good because of heterogeneous nature of mind set of different individuals and differential situations.
Indulging in hobbies, such as dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, sports, exercise, yoga, long drive/walk, visit to sight seeing places, watching TV /movies , playing with kids, solving cross word puzzles Sudoku,etc greatly help to ease the depressed state of mind .
Meditation,pranayama, suryanamaskar, listening to spiritual discourses, reading books , magazines, interacting with people and discussions on different subjects of interests like sports , politics, films, international and national issues, civic issues, law and practice, also deviate the subject’s depressed state of mind to greater extent and rejuvenate his confidence level and enlighten the ray of hope.
Indulgence in vices i.e. drinking alcohol, drug intake, gambling, and betting complicate the state of mind and deepen the depression to ultimate doom and negativity of harming self or others and should never be resorted in any condition.
Here it is worth mentioning that this state of mind is a natural psychological phenomenon which affect every individual in his life time, but this condition only remain for a short period and diminishes with boost of inner confidence level, and should be taken as a way of life and should never be taken too seriously and allowed to persist for a long time which is detrimental to any individual’s mental and physical health and for wellbeing of his family and society as a whole.

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