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One who grows up licking defeats,
Combats with storms never retreats,
Digs for aurum and moulds steel,
Entire world whose valour would reveal.
One who is steed of chariot of the sun,
Such a valiant could never be won.

One who becomes fire, igniting life,
An open hooded cobra, ready for strife,
To demolish exploitation to a bad government overthrows,
On only earnings of honesty whose spirit grows.
One who oneself is steed of chariot of age,
Even death can not wither such man’s courage.


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सम्प्रति: Principal, Government Upper Primary School, Pasgawan Lakhimpur Kheri शिक्षा:- MSc गणित, MA in English, MEd, PG Diploma in Journalism, PG DMIT Achievements: "किन्तु सफर आसान रहेगा" हिंदी काव्य संग्रह…

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