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Corruption means corrupt and reprehensible conduct. Corruption is the blatant violation of any established and accepted standard of private or public life. The definition of corruption is to earn money by adopting wrong working style according to different standards and times of the country. Today, corruption in our country is affixed like a fevicol in the chair of the politicians passing through the street, nook and corner of the government offices. People follow corrupt policies leaving the true path to move ahead in life. For example, a bribe to get a promotion, a bribe to get a job, a bribe to ensure your victory in the court, a bribe to get into a good college, etc. The nature of bribery is that all the government machinery bows down in front of it. Nowadays, this thing has become fit in the mind of people that progress cannot be done in the right way, so what to do? Bribery.
Corruption spread like an infection in the society due to which common people are getting infected day by day. Cases of corruption are being seen every day in one form or the other. No sphere of human life is free from corruption.
People associated with corruption defame the name of the country for their selfishness. The government has to take effective steps against such people.
On how to remove corruption from the society, big scholars believe that we can stop corruption with strict punishment. But I believe that we have to awaken our moral values. The principle of neither will corruption nor will let corruption have to be accepted in our life.

Alok Pandey Garoth Wale

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मेरा नाम - आलोक राधेश्याम जी पांडेय, शिक्षा- स्नातक (हिंदी), स्नाकोत्तर (हिंदी), ठिकाना- गरोठ, मंदसौर, म.प्र. प्रकाशित रचनायें- भ्रम, आपदा में अवसर और कर्ण वचन (अमर उजाला काव्य), लेखक, स्वतन्त्र…

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