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** Contribution of female in the society **

Female is not the usual creation of nature.Without a female a society can’t be imagine.Female plays a vital and most important part in every society .Life and next generation existence never be possible without a female. A female may be ,a sister , a wife ,a mother or grandmother,doctor,teacher etc.A family important member also a female.From birth to till death a female presents her contritubion in society or nation or the world. Female contributed a lot in the society in different roles .

Female contribution as a ‘Sister’–
* Sister is an important for every family .She contributes a lot in a family in early age.A sister gives her contribution in cooking,helping other member in other small works.She also a helpful in equally with other member.

Female contribution as a ‘Daughter’–
*Naw a days daughter contributed as son in the society or family.She contributes to take care of her parents.Daughter has become a new hope for their parents and society in the growth of a society.

Female contribution as ‘Mother’–
* A society is not expected without a mother.Mother contributed a lot in the society .Mostly her contribution to take care of their children and develop a character of human being.Without a mother in the society no one can live happily.Daily routine and family’s life mostly runs by the contribution of a mother.She contributed a perfect management for the development of a house and society .A mother contributed as an energy for betterment of society.Without her contribution a life has no proper existence.

Female contribution as ‘Wife’–
* A wife is also an important for development of a society. A wife role is motivation for growth and co-operation of male . She is most important female who contributed in work or business or job in earning money like their husband.Thus female as a wife also has contribution in the society.

Female contribution as a ‘Designation’ or ‘Post’–
* Now a days the era of female in contribution in society.A female successfully work in different posts in government ,semi government and private sector.They work as a doctor,an engineer, an admistrator,clerk in different organisation and many more.Female give their contribution as police department and security.

**She fulfills her contribution in society doing work as shopkeeper ,tailor,beautician,vegetable vendor etc or business as firm holder,company owner etc.

***Sports also a field where female contributes a lot in form of player ,athlete,table tenniss player,cricketer, etc.Hence contributes in economical development of society.Thus become a motivation for society

****Female also contributes in lower level who are uneducated.Such type of female contributed as base for higher level society who busy in their work.These type of female includes labour women,maid,sweeper ,etc.Thus female contributes overall in growth of a society.

Written by-
**Buddha Prakash
**Maudaha Hamirpur.

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