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Brother’s Love

When I remember, I start filling the whirlpool of memories, although after a gap, webs have set at the door of memories, but childhood is also very drunk, away from all these things, that love of brother and sister, Tu-Tu When the memories of brotherly love are fresh, I feel that I should fly across the seven seas. The pace of time brought many changes in life. Due to being an overseas Indian, the distance between brother and sister increased a lot, but the memories that had spread their wings in childhood were not fascinated by any distance, had become a strong fort of memories. Whenever a festival used to come, the gathering of all the people would bring back the memories of the past, when eating together, traveling together.
By doing chuhlwaji, brother and sister-in-law used to get rasa. Although technical mediums have ended the distance, but the clouds of affection cannot remain without Umrah. Brother’s arrival is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, it seems like a lively atmosphere and life starts flowing, even if it is not.
Blood relations can not make the feelings of the mind barren. That loving, affectionate hand is always on me, but as a migrant, all the memories become fresh. It is the bond of affection that binds the bridge between brothers and sisters, on which only the ocean of love becomes eager to rise.

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