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Black Englishmen….

“Dad, I will go to India after six months. So I am preparing now.” Harry alias ‘Harish’ of Indian origin living in America told his father Jackie alias ‘Jaikishan’.

“What kind of preparation, son Harry?” Jackie asked yawning.

“I have to take admission in a Hindi Institute here to learn Hindi properly, so that I do not have any problem in India and I can easily coordinate with the people there.” Harry said enthusiastically, “Here is the application form of the Hindi Institute.”

“Oh my dear son Harry. What is the need to learn Hindi to go to India? All the work goes on English there. India means Black British Country.” Jackie shook his hair and said, “Tear off this Institution’s application and throw it away. You will waste money and waste time unnecessarily. Today, the value of Hindi is negligible in India Itself.”

“Are you making a joke?”

“No joke, my dear, this is a fact.” I am very serious…” Jackie said very seriously, “Lord Macaulay* had laid the foundation of English education in India and said—’In the future, I will create such breeds of Indians, who would be an Indian by body… but would be an Englishmen by mind! Bloody Indian Dogs, Black Englishmen.'”

And not falling into the debate, Harry put the Hindi Institute’s application form in the dustbin.


*Lord Macaulay (25 October 1800—28 December 1859) He is considered primarily responsible for introducing the Western education system in India. This led to Macaulayism in India, and the systematic wiping out of traditional and ancient Indian education and vocational systems and sciences.

(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “Kaale Angrez”
English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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