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Are we really sincere?

Are we really sincere?

Where do we stand?

What do we think of ourselves?

What do we look for?

Why do we pray for?

Why do we think of?

What is our place?

What is our aim?

Are we really sincere?

Are we really careful?

Are we really courteous?

Are we really delightful?

Are we really disciplined?

Are we moving towards the right direction?

Are we really doing, the way we ought to?

Are we surely at the place, where we ought to?

Are we really moving up?

Are we really a sincere part of the society, the nation & the whole world?

Do we have patriotic touch?

Do we really behave as human by nature?

Are we really spiritual by soul?

Are we really educated?

Are we really a part of any of these questions?

Surely your rely will be “No”

Then one more question arise here

“What to do now?”

Go with only one question out of the question

which were asked to you

You will again ask

“Which one? ”

“Are you really sincere?”

This is the only question can answer all the

questions above.

Go with this question


enjoy a peaceful , disciplined, spiritual life


reach to that almighty


supernatural power

waiting for you

with a garland in his hands

“He” is very much waiting for you


open heart and open arms

“What you are waiting for?”

Rush towards……………………….

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मैं अनिल कुमार गुप्ता , शिक्षक के पद पर कार्यरत हूँ मुझे कवितायें लिखने , शायरी , गीत , ग़ज़ल , कहानियां और लेख लिखने का शौक है । मैंने…

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