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Achiever Of Dream

He tried well,
Again and again worked hard,
To meet out his own success,
Got disappointed at last,
No one praised his struggle,
All were expected for fruitfull result ,
No one saw his pain,
All blamed him, only blame,
Somebody said him mad,
Other called him weak,
Demotivated his faith,
Said him that hardwork in vain,
He was in love,
He was silent,
Tears were falling continue ,
Dream was his front,
Forgot all desire who expected him,
He failed they all know,
He was never tired,
His dream not let him sleeped,
Started to run again ,
Alone he won,
It was his dream ,
He understood well,
Do not hear other if you dream ,
Only you are the one who can achieve.

Written by-
✍🏼 Buddha Prakash,

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